Norris BT2000 AWC Upright Commercial Dishwasher


The Norris BT2000 is a high-performance Commercial Dishwashing Machine that is designed to fit into today’s compact and busy kitchens. With the 895W wash pump, the BT2000 will move even the hardest baked on food residue, reducing the need for double washing. The BT2000 Advanced Wash Control not only produces stunning results but, like all Norris dishwashers it has been built to last. Sturdy, handmade stainless steel cabinet provides additional durability and guards against accidental knocks and rough handling while its polished finish enables easy cleaning. Ask about our 5 year warranty!

Product Spec Sheet

User Manual

Once again, Norris tackles the chore of washing with the BT2000 AWC, designed to fit into today’s compact kitchens, it sets new standards in dishwashing with its powerful wash and rinse cycles. Designed to eradicate hard to remove, baked-on food residue with a perfect mix of power and rinse functionality without damaging your delicate dishes while minimising the need for double washing, your dishes will emerge spotlessly clean in quick time, every time.

The Norris BT2000 ergonomic passthrough dishwasher features a recirculating wash system, so you save on water and reduce your water bills while benefiting the environment. Operation of your dishwasher is simple, load, set your desired wash cycle and forget. Inside the BT2000 you will notice its sizeable wash height of 450mm, roomy enough to fit large plates and awkward pots and pans.

The BT2000 dishwasher cleans up to 1080 plates per hour with 60/90/120 wash cycle options and has a hood safety cut out switch for added protection. Adjustable legs make light work to adjust the height to suit your bench requirements while also enabling carefree cleaning access.

As you would expect from an industry leader, Norris leads the way with a no-nonsense guarantee with a five-year control board, two-year parts and labour warranty. You can rest assured of the quality of manufacture after sales service and warranty should anything go wrong with your purchase as your dishwasher is made right here in Australia.

So if you are ready to take your interest to the next level, we’d love to hear from you. One of our dedicated product specialists will listen to your needs and suggest the best dishwasher for your business. Why not give us a call today on 1800 803 569 for a no obligation chat.


Norris AWC Controller
5-Year Warranty on AWC Controller
2-Year parts & labour Warranty
60/90/120/Manual/Descale Cycles
Optional drain pump
Up to 1080 plates per hour*
Useable wash height of 452mm
Corner and inline positioning
Recirculating wash system
895W wash pump

Quick Guide

Loads/Hour Up to 55*
Wash Pump 895W
Rinse Pump 372W
Detergent Yes
Rinse Aid Yes
Time Cycle 60 / 90 /120 / Manual / Descale
Drain Gravity – drain pump optional
Water per rack 3L
Usable Height 450mm
Electrical Supply 415v 3 phase 50Hz
Size W650 X D640 X H1520-1550


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