Norris CrystalClear Reverse Osmosis Glass Washer


CrystalClear is the Norris system for washing high quality glassware. CrystalClear eliminates manual polishing of glasses, thus reducing times and labour costs and, above all, avoiding accidental breakages; a cost that is difficult to quantify but of which all those who use fine glassware are aware.

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Product Spec Sheet

User Manual

CrystalClear is a Norris system, purpose-built for washing high-quality glassware, designed to eliminate the manual polishing of glasses, a process which increases glassware wash output, whilst reducing labour costs. Extremely versatile, yet simple to use the Norris CrystalClear Reverse Osmosis Glasswasher features three basic programs; standard, intensive and long, which make it possible to deal effortlessly with everyday glassware, controlled by a single button that changes colour according to the wash phase. The LCD displayed also shows current temperatures, time-to-end-of-cycle and other user alerts which overcomes the complexity of use of a touchscreen.

Norris has developed several unique patented systems to optimise the glass washing, rinsing, drainage and self-cleaning processes.

The Wash Phase

The wash process incorporates two power wash systems, the DuoFlo pump and EquaLizer2, these systems guarantee an intense and balanced powerful wash whilst minimises power consumption, keeping the water temperature during the wash phase at an optimal 60°C.

The Rinse Phase

Controlling the rinse process is UltraRinse2, a patented technology that promotes a drastic reduction in consumption through efficient, effective use of rinse water. The system comprises an open boiler and rinse pump which guarantees constant pressure, delivery and temperature and also constant hygiene and results. Delivering the optimal rinse temperature for crystal glassware at 65°C.


EvoLution2 is a system designed to keep tank water cleaner for longer. Featuring a water exchange efficiency of 100% compared with 66% of conventional systems and with a consequent improvement in results obtained and less frequent water exchange.

SmartClean Construction

Through clever design we have eliminated points where food soil can accumulate such as wash tanks without internal hoses, deep drawn rack guides, deep drawn tanks, integral steel tank filters and many other features make our glasswashers the fastest to clean, enabling you to benefit from time savings of up to 40 minutes per day in end-of-cycle cleaning operations.

To learn more about the CrystalClear Reverse Osmosis Glasswasher and how it can streamline your business processes we recommend you read our product brochure attached.


Warranty – 3 years on the control board, 1 year parts and labour on the remainder of the machine
90, 120 and 150 second cycles
Recycle wash system, using 1.2L per cycle
Pump out drain
Up to 24 loads per hour*
Automatic detergent injection
Automatic rinse aid injection
Double skinned door
Easy clean pressed wash chamber
Suitable for low water pressure areas
Minimum rinse temperature cut out
15 amps
High wash chamber
*Dependant on incoming water*

Quick Guide

Loads/Hour Up to 24*
Wash Pump 300W
Rinse Pump 180W
Detergent Yes
Rinse Aid Yes
Time Cycle 90 /120 / 150
Drain Pump Out
Water per rack 1.2L
Usable Height 270mm
Electrical Supply 240v, 15amps, 50Hz
Size H700-895 x W465 x D550


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