Dishwashers, Glasswashers & Potwashers for the Restaurant Industry

Since 1954 Norris has been manufacturing & supplying the hospitality industry with our exceptional range of commercial glass & dishwashers. In true Australian tradition, our innovative founder Vince Norris designed & produced the first Australian commercial glass washer in his backyard shed. We are an Australian owned company and to this day our Norris core model machines are still proudly Australian made.

Our home

Our manufacturing factory at 28 Strathmore Road, Caves Beach NSW is also home to the headquarters of parent company, Sirron Group Holdings.

Being part of an Australian owned group of companies that exist to leave the place better than we found it is a great source of pride for the Norris team. We know that with every customer we satisfy, with every sale we make, we are contributing to the ability of the Sirron Group to donate to charities and organisations aimed at the vulnerable.

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Commercial Dishwashers, Glasswashers, Potwashers & More

Since 1989, the company’s headquarters and manufacturing plant have been located in Caves Beach NSW. Norris Industries is committed to producing a superior range of products using the latest technology. Recently, the manufacturing plant was extended to accommodate newly acquired state of the art technology, which has assisted in significantly improving our productivity and allowing us to grow with our expanding markets. + Read More

Back in the fifties, Vince Norris experimented in his backyard shed until he produced the first Australian commercial dishwasher. By 1954, he had set up his own factory to manufacture and supply his superior range of commercial warewashing machines to the hospitality trade. The rest is history.

Over sixty years on and we’re still Australian owned – and we still manufacture our commercial grade glass and dishwasher products in Australia.

The Australian made industrial dishwasher the restaurant industry loves

Since those early days, our understanding of what the hospitality industry needs from a commercial dish machine has grown.

From small beginnings, we moved to our current headquarters and manufacturing plant in Caves Beach NSW. Here, we concentrated on producing the kind of heavy duty dishwasher that can tackle anything the restaurant industry can throw at it.

Our state of the art technology enables us to design and manufacture a range of commercial grade machines that ensure each and every glass and dish comes out sparkling clean, no matter how many times you use it.

Perfect for bars, cafés, restaurants and all eateries, when it comes to producing a commercial dishwasher for sale that really does the job properly, Norris have it covered.

Our professional dishwashers are fast, efficient and hygienic, making it the ideal equipment choice for any busy establishment.

An excellent range of commercial dishwashers and glass washers from an Australian owned company

As a company that’s committed to excellence, we like to think that we’ve got one of the best selections of commercial kitchen dishwashers in the business.

We’ve a glass washer for every type of bar and every type of situation. Whether you need an underbar glasswasher, a rack conveyor glasswasher or a reverse osmosis glasswasher, you’ll find your perfect industrial dishwasher for sale at Norris.

All our dishwashers are backed up with the famous Norris warranty

While we have total confidence in the quality of our products, for extra peace of mind, we offer a 2-year parts and labour warranty on all our Australian dish washers, and a 1-year parts and labour warranty on our imported machines.

Our products are sold through our nationwide network of distributors, who are fully trained to service and repair our dishwashers should the need arise.

Contact us now if you have any queries about any of our Australian dishwasher products

If you need any further information about our warranties, or have any questions about a specific model of dishwasher, speak to a member of our friendly customer service team on 1800 803 569, who will be happy to help.

We’ve made our name by manufacturing high-quality dishwashers in Australia, so why not fly the flag and invest in Australian technology and manufacturing expertise by buying a Norris dishwasher for your business?

Norris Industries is Australia’s leader in commercial glass & dishwashers. We specialise in Commercial Glasswashers, Comercial Dishwashers, Underbar Glasswashers, Underbench Dishwashers and Upright Dishwashers. – Read Less