Commercial Underbench Dishwashers & Glass Washers

Brilliantly Clean, Residue Free Results, Every Time

Norris has become a benchmark in commercial dishwashers, setting the standards in washing solutions with its range of highly dependable, durable and efficient under bench dishwashers and glasswashers.

As any business owner and provider of retail food and drink services know, it is essential to ensure your kitchen meets the strict regulatory health guidelines for hygiene and cleanliness. All Norris dishwashers comply with the NSW Food Regulation Act 1997 which ensures that all washing facilities for eating and drinking are compatible with minimum wash and rinse temperatures and duration.

Today’s busy kitchens have to battle against an enormous volume of washing daily, Norris has the industry in meeting these challenges by designing and developing a range of under-bench/under-counter dishwashers to combat dirty dishes and utensils quickly and easily. Our machines have been designed to be simple to use, easy loading, powerful with shorter wash cycles and quick drying times.

We realise that space is a valuable commodity in many of today’s kitchens and have a range that reflects the affordability and space savings needed for today’s modern workplace. Our versatile range of under bench commercial dishwashers and glass washers are designed to fit easily within your kitchen’s restricted workspace.

Cost Savings Through Reduced Water Waste, Decrease Energy Consumption and Increased Productivity

Easy to install, our range of commercial dishwashers and glass washers provides your kitchen, bar or cafe with spotlessly clean dishes and glasses, totally residue and stain free. Featuring several programmed wash cycle options to enable you to reduce water waste, decrease energy consumption whilst saving you valuable time on small wash loads without impacting on cleaning power.

Our washers feature a durable, robust design, made from a quality high-grade steel with double-skinned doors which reduces heat and noise pollution with durable wash arms, scrap trays, built-in chemical dispensers and pump out drain system characteristic across all our dishwasher models.

The Norris brand has earned an unequivocal reputation amongst renowned kitchens, bars and clubs within the food-service industry who have invested in the Norris name. Norris has become a name synonymous for commercial dishwashers, built on its manufacturing experience spanning over 60 years, renowned for durability, dependability, efficiency and flawless operation.

If you would like to make a positive change in the way in which your cafe, bar or restaurant operates, an under counter dishwasher is a sensible choice. If you are ready to make a decisive investment in your business, get in touch with us today.

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