Is your kitchen equipped with ‘Sustainable’ Machines?

A commercial kitchen is a busy place and the cooking and food preparation, storage and ware washing equipment needs to get things done to a high standard with minimal waste.

Understanding what is meant by ‘minimal waste’ and what is actually achievable by the available machines takes time but is an important investment for long term operational success.

In choosing a dishwasher, for example, one tip is to look for one that will be able to operate at a much higher capacity (wash more dishes per wash). Another tip is to make sure you consider power and water use, as these are also key elements of reducing waste.

Water usage in dishwashers is one of the highest wastes of water and energy in restaurant and hotel kitchens. Combine that with electricity costs rising over 120% over the last decade, it’s no wonder sustainability is a hot topic for many.

Investing in a dishwasher that is sustainable in a business sense not only helps you save operating costs and keeps your kitchen operating efficiently, it’s also good for environmental sustainability.

How you can improve environmental sustainability in the kitchen

The task of washing dishes comes part and parcel with every kitchen and even more so for a commercial kitchen. This, however, doesn’t mean a chef or restaurant owner should be relaxed about water consumption with sinks or in dishwashers. After all, water is a finite resource, and we need to be careful how we use it and be recycling or reusing where we can.

Washing dishes by hand can use well over 50 litres of water in a single session. With the requirement for water to be hot enough to break down residues and for it to remain clean enough throughout the service period to actually wash the dishes (and not turn into soup!), there’s a stress on the hot water system and therefore the power bill.

Switching to a commercial dishwasher and especially a recirculating/energy saving dishwasher or glasswasher, can result in longer term savings. On top of that, there’s the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the wash ware is clean and hygienic to the highest standard.

Ultimately though, all of the water that goes into the dishwasher will end up going down the drain, so limiting the water that your dishwasher needs is absolutely imperative, as is using the most environmentally friendly chemicals possible.

Norris has developed several machines to a new standard of cleaning and energy saving capability across their range. Certified both locally and internationally, the company’s range of commercial glass washers and dishwashers meets the highest standards of efficiency with energy and water consumption.

Popular models such as the award winning Norris AP500 which saves up to 50% of energy and uses cold water instead of hot and the famous Reverse Osmosis Glasswasher which is specifically designed to keep tank water cleaner for longer, with a water exchange efficiency of 100% compared with the 66% of conventional systems.

Both machines not only enhance wash performance but also efficiency, by retaining valuable energy and reducing chemical requirement. This makes them some of the most efficient products available for any business and a great way to limit your environmental footprint.

Not only are you being environmentally friendly, you are financially happier!

With the cost of water in Australia rising, fitting out an environmentally responsible kitchen isn’t just an act of conscience but it’s also beneficial to your operational costs in the kitchen.

Rather than pouring money down the drain, quite literally, it can be invested in sustainable commercial equipment, additional staff and keeping your business running efficiently and environmentally friendly.

Worrying about forking out the money up front?

No need to stress about finances! Norris has you covered. With our Fixed Price Package from Norris, you are ensured you are covered for the entire machine, all the chemicals and service you need for that machine for the entire term of the contract. This enables you to budget more easily and dodge the cash-flow crusher that machine breakdown can cause!

This could save you up to 40% in finances as not only are you buying a sustainable machine, you are also finding a great way to streamline your cash flow and access exactly the dishwasher you need and want, rather than what your cash flow can afford. A special tip is to look for leases that offer full warranty, service, great customer service, and satisfaction guarantees.

Another hot top is with Norris Machines you have access to spare parts for your commercial dishwasher to ensure that your machine is going to serve your business long into the future.

For any other commercial dishwasher or fixed priced questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today on 1800 803 569.

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