Our home, our planet, our people: our everything

The Sirron Group exists to support the vulnerable through charity and reward the efforts of staff and shareholders. We achieve this by profitably manufacturing and distributing sustainable products and equipment of high quality and performance.

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At heart, we are a manufacturer of quality commercial dishwashing machines. Over time, we have expanded our services to support all the needs of the kitchens we serve. All this was done whilst achieving a balance between ethical, environmental and economic outcomes. Along with our flagship manufacturing division, Norris Industries, the Sirron Holdings Group now encompasses Zexa Clean Chemicals, Butler Equipment and Mahatmacane Finance.

All our divisions are aimed at improving the businesses and lives of those that work in hospitality and the care industries. More recently, we have extended our vision to include the home and all work environments.

Norris Industries, Zexa Clean Chemicals and Butler Equipment have all played a part in Sirron’s evolution.  The Group distributes 10% of pre-tax profit to charities favoured by the founder, John Watts. Our goal is to expand the causes we support and grow more profitable, so that the donations are meaningful and make a substantial difference to those that receive them.

Sustainability is a way of life for us. It determines our day-to-day practices, influences our innovations and drives us to do better for the future generations.