Commercial Utensil & Pot Washers

Stubborn Stains no Longer a Burden

As a business owner or anyone who has worked in a busy kitchen will attest to the levels of stress which can exist in times of high demand. Preparation, cooking and serving aside, managing the cleanliness of your kitchen while balancing the constant need for clean pots and pans for kitchen staff can prove to be a tedious task. Without doubt cleaning pots is one of the messiest, least appreciated, yet also a vital part of the food service process.

Busy restaurants often use a large volume of pots and utensils in the preparation of food. Cleaning pots and pans in today’s busy kitchens are not for the faint-hearted, lifting stubborn stains and residues from dirty pots can be time-consuming and can directly impact on the food preparation process. Norris set out to reduce the burden afflicting busy kitchens and created a range of commercial grade pot washers designed to reduce staffing costs by easing the cleaning burden and increase business efficiency.

Our range of high-powered pot washers will lift even the most stubborn of stains and residues, leaving your pots and utensils shining brilliantly.

What Makes Pot Washers Different to Dishwashers?

Pot and utensil washers are designed to accommodate a broad range of trays, containers, utensils and other large kitchenware; they are built to tackle some of the toughest jobs in the kitchen and remove even the most stubborn of food stains and baked on residue.

Today’s pot and utensil washers are significantly more heavy duty and high-powered machines than commercial dishwashers. At Norris, we are thrilled to offer our customers the highest quality of pot washers and utensil washers to both small and large sized business owners throughout Australia.

Why You Should Buy a Norris Pot Washer

Norris has earned a reputation as an industry leader in the manufacture of commercial kitchen cleaning aids over the last 60 years. Our machines have been designed to be simple to use, easy loading, robust and dependable, boasting shorter wash cycles and quick drying times.

Norris washers are renown for their exceptional standard of manufacture. Your pot washer will function flawlessly with every wash easing the physical chore associated with washing, saving valuable time and increasing kitchen efficiency.

As an owner of a Norris unit, be assured that your machine complies with the strict regulatory health guidelines for hygiene and cleanliness. All Norris dishwashers meet the NSW Food Regulation Act 1997 and provide cost savings through reduced water waste, decreased energy consumption and increased productivity.

If your ready to ease the cleaning burden of your busy kitchen, talk with one of our Norris specialists who would be happy to listen to your needs, analyse your cleaning processes and kitchen workload and recommend the ideal pot and utensil washer for your business.


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