Commercial Rack Conveyor Dishwashers

Lighten Your Dishwashing Burden

Most restaurateurs would prefer to deal with headaches attributed to the success of a growing business rather than deal with the heartache and worry of a lacklustre one. Growing pains can strike at all businesses from time to time, however, continued success in the food service industry heavily relies on your ability to meet the challenges presented, even through times of growth. Business owners are aware of the bottlenecks that can occur in the kitchen which can stifle turnaround time, the inability to keep up with the demands can wither away the achievements gains through painstaking effort seemingly overnight.

Balancing food preparation, cooking, plating, serving and keeping up with an endless demand for the quick turnover of dishes, utensils and cutlery in any busy restaurant is a real challenge. If you have come to the conclusion that the wash capacity of your current washer is now inadequate then it may well be time to consider the benefits of a rack conveyor dishwasher.

How Rack Conveyors Ease the Burden of Busy Kitchens

Rack conveyors are designed to handle large volumes of dirty dishes, repeatedly, in fact, the IR200 can prewash, wash, rinse and dry up to 200 times per hour, the result is sparkling clean glassware, dishes and cutlery in mere minutes. Investing in a rack conveyor dishwasher ensures that your restaurant, hotel or canteen can effortlessly meet the demands of the busiest of kitchens. No need to spot clean, dry or remove residue on plates, your plates will be hygienically clean the first time, every time and ready to serve and exceed your customer expectations.

Why Invest in a Norris Rack Conveyor Dishwasher?

Norris is a renown in the food service industry and for good reason, they have been manufacturing dishwasher solutions now for over six decades and during that time have grown their range to suit businesses of all sizes. Over the years, Norris has become a brand that restaurateurs, managers, chefs and kitchen hands have grown to trust. When you purchase a Norris dishwasher you are investing in a washer that will continue to serve your business reliably with flawless functionality, regardless of demand to the utmost of efficiency with low water consumption rates and overall running costs.

Our rack conveyor dishwashers are not only simple to use but they are made to last, built using the finest quality materials and meticulously crafted, our machines are designed to withstand the harsh kitchen environment and the toughest of kitchen hands.

When you buy a Norris rack conveyor dishwasher we’ve got your covered, you can rest assured that your investment is backed by 2-year parts and labour warranty.

If your ready to discuss how a Norris dishwasher can improve the efficiency of your kitchen, why not give us a call to address your needs and let us help you select the right Norris washer for your business.

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