Commercial Pass Through / Upright Dishwashers

Wash more Dishes Faster and Efficiently

Norris has the perfect sized dishwasher for your business, whether your business is a small, mid-sized cafe or a large, busy restaurant. Norris has over 60 years industry experience with a tireless commitment to creating the optimum wash solution. Our commitment has provided businesses with the ability to wash dishes, quickly, effortlessly and efficiently with a variety of solutions to suit every business regardless of size. Our range of passthrough dishwashers is a result of that commitment.

Designed specifically for Australian conditions, our passthrough dishwashers meet the strict regulatory requirements for temperature control and hygiene. Ruggedly built, yet elegantly finished, our passthrough dishwashers are made from durable high-grade polished stainless steel designed to meet the demands of any kitchen or kitchen hand, performing flawlessly in the busiest of working environments.

What makes Passthrough Dishwashers Different?

Passthrough dishwashers are similar to under-counter models, however, are able to wash considerably more dishes on an hourly basis than there under bench counterparts.

On a passthrough dishwasher, the racks are manually pushed through the dishwasher, combined with the option of installing a sink with an overhead spray system, your dishes can be pre-rinsed prior to the dishwasher cycle greatly increasing the efficiency and the results.

We do the Hard Scrubbing, Without all the Noise and Fuss!

Our user-friendly machines will ease the pressure from your busy kitchen. As a provider within the foodservice industry, you are no doubt aware of the importance of time management when preparing, cooking and serving customers, when it comes to cleaning dishes, Norris dishwashers clean your dishes quickly and thoroughly to the same standard every single time without the need to spot check and wipe dishes. No grimy dishes or cloudy glasses, your dishes will be squeaky clean and spotless every time.

Norris dishwashers feature double-skinned doors which significantly helps to reduce heat and noise pollution. Combined with built-in chemical dispensers, durable wash arms and efficient washing action, make light work of removing residue from dishes and glassware whilst limiting water waste and energy consumption.

Choosing the Right Dishwasher for Your Business is Simple

Don’t risk your business’s reputation, discover the benefits of purchasing a commercial grade passthrough dishwasher with the leading industry provider of commercial dishwashing solutions, Norris.

For additional peace of mind, Norris offers 2-year parts and labour warranty on all Australian made passthrough dishwashing machines and 1-year parts and labour warranty on imported units.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level of efficiency, why not give one of our Norris representatives a call, we listen to your business needs, analyse your specific requirements and recommend the best passthrough dishwasher for your business.


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