Madison IR 200 Rack Conveyor

The Madison IR 200 rack conveyor is perfect for any high volume commercial kitchen. This machine operates in 4 stages, pre-wash, wash, rinse and dry and does it quickly. So you can be assured everything that goes through the rack conveyor comes out clean and dry ready to use.

The machine can process up to 200 racks per hour making it a perfect addition to any fast pace commercial kitchen. Note: shown with optional heat recovery unit – pricing on this page is for the unit without heat recovery.


User Manual

Part No: 26-200 Category:

High-capacity workhorse capable of handling the busiest of loads

Busy hospitality businesses like restaurants, bars, cafes and community canteens are all too familiar with the difficulties experienced within the kitchen, juggling kitchen workflows, high cutlery and dinnerware turnover can quickly stifle your kitchen’s productivity.

If your business is suffering from the overburdening effects of dishware buildup, it might be time to consider the benefits of upgrading to a high-capacity workhorse like the IR 200 rack conveyor dishwasher, imported from Italy by Norris.

The IR 200 can speed through dirty crockery with ease and the capacity to power up to 200 racks per hour, quietly and efficiently, improving your workplace ability to handle peak times. Simple push-button operation with four wash stages, pre-wash wash, rinse and dry assures that everything that goes into the conveyor emerges crystal clean, dry and ready to use.

The IR 200 is robust, made from quality, corrosion-resistant materials. Constructed from high-quality steel, it features a sturdy, welded cabinet frame, double skinned doors to reduce noise and easy to clean surface. Rest assured, the IR 200 boasts a 3-year control board and 2-year parts and labour warranty on other machine parts.

Norris is renown for efficiency, reliability and robustness throughout the hospitality industry and is a leader in the manufacturer of commercial grade dishwashers, pot and glass washers. This imported range of rack conveyors has been chosen for its similarly desirable qualities.

Purchasing a Norris dishwasher is simple, call one of our representatives on 1800 803 569, and let us guide you through the decision and purchase process. If you are unable to purchase a Norris machine outright, we understand and have formulated a range of rent to own options to make purchasing a Norris washer easier.


3 – Year Warranty on the control board
2 -Year parts & labour Warranty
Powerful 10500W wash tank element
3 wash cycle options
2 x 1500W wash pumps
Up to 200 racks per hour*
Recirculating wash system
Usable wash height of 450mm
500mm x 500mm basket size
Dryer unit available
*Dependent on incoming water temperature and pressure*

Quick Guide

Loads/HourUp to 200*
Wash Pump1500W x 2
Rinse PumpN/A
Rinse AidNo
Water per cycle270L/hr
Usable Height450mm
Electrical Supply400v, 3+N, 50Hz
SizeW1968 X D770 X H1585 – 1645
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