17-600 Norris Glassmate 10Amp Commercial Glasswasher


Compact design, easy loading and push-button operation are just some of the features that make this commercial glasswasher ideal for modern bars with a limited available workspace. An incredible performer with a capacity to wash up to 800 glasses per hour it’s built to stand up to the harsh conditions of the busiest of work environments with a proven record for reliability and dependability. Designed specifically for businesses operating out of premises where the buildings power supply is limited to 10 amps. Please contact Norris for further information about this machine.

Product Spec Sheet

User Manual

This powerful glass washer is made from high-grade stainless steel with a rigid, welded cabinet construction for enhanced durability with adjustable legs to suit bench requirements, combined with a double skinned door designed to reduce heat and noise pollution within the workplace.

This easy to use versatile and powerful Australian made glass washer features simple push-button and dial controls, selectable hot and cold rinse options for a faster turnaround with automatic detergent injection for consistent results and controlled consumption.

By purchasing a Norris glasswasher you are investing in a brand which has earned the trust of hospitality businesses throughout Australia, a trust which has been built through Norris’s ability to manufacturer durable, effective and efficient machines over the last 60 years.

If you would like to make a positive change in the way in which your cafe, bar or restaurant operates, an under counter glasswasher is a sensible choice. If you are ready to make a decisive investment in your business, get in touch with us today.

Quick Guide

Loads/Hour Up to 60
Wash Pump 372W
Rinse Pump N/A
Detergent Yes
Rinse Aid No
Time Cycle 30 seconds
Drain Gravity – Drain Pump optional
Water per rack 6L
Usable Height 250mm
Electrical Supply 240v, 10amps 50Hz
Size W505 X D545 X H700-875


2 year warranty when registered
30 second cycle
Up to 800 Glasses per hour*
Automatic detergent injection
Double skinned door
Suitable for low water pressure areas


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