90-200 Norris AP500 Underbench Commercial Dishwasher 15amp


Winner of the Gold Australian Good Design Award for Commercial & Industrial Product Design

The AP500 is a compact under bench dishwasher that has been specifically designed to solve the 3 key problems in a commercial kitchen:
1. Running out of hot water and having to wait for compliant temperature (this is a “connect to cold water” unit that is always ready!)
2. Waiting between cycles (1 minute, back-to-back wash cycles)
3. Reduces your machine running costs by a gob-smacking 50%!!

The Good Design Awards judges called the AP500 a brilliant example of “innovative Australia design and ingenuity”, saying it was “a sustainable product with potential for big energy savings”

To see more about our Good Design Awards entry, CLICK HERE

Energy claims supported by testing at the Newcastle Institute For Energy and Resources, (September 2018):

“The operating system in the Norris AP500 as tested can use up to 50% less electricity compared to the operating system of previous model, Norris Cafemate”

Norris AP500 Spec Sheet

User Manual

Norris understands that success is a combination of experience, creativity, hard work and exceptional customer service and your busy restaurant or cafe is a testament to that. Like you, Norris has earned its reputation as an industry leader in the development and manufacturer of dishwasher technology. Over the last 60 years, we have designed and built dishwashers which have become renown throughout the hospitality industry for their reliability, durability and quality of construction.

All our dishwashers are designed to meet the needs of every business no matter how large or small, and to this end, the AP500 Underbench Commercial Dishwasher is one of those machines that meet the requirements of busy kitchens everywhere.

Capable of handling up to 45 wash cycles and 600 plates per hour, the AP500 is a powerful washer that alleviates the burden of hand washing, quick loading and easy to use with 60, 120 and 300-second wash cycle options. The AP500 connects to cold water and features automatic detergent and rinse aid injection cycles which produces sparkling wash results every time while it’s recirculating wash system saves you money.

Norris dishwashers are built to last, and the AP500 is no exception, the handmade cabinet, heating boiler and wash and rinse arms are made from robust, quality stainless steel. Manufactured right here in Australia, utilising reliable German and European corrosion-resistant components to ensure both the longevity and reliability of your machine.

If you want to enjoy the rewards and benefit from a brand which has earned the respect of renowned kitchens, bars and clubs within the food-service industry for over 60 years, we loved to hear from you. One of our qualified consultants can help guide you through the decision process and ensure that it is aptly suited to the needs of your business.


Norris AWC Controller
5-Year Warranty on the control board
2-Year parts & labour warranty
60/120/300 second cycle options
Rear rollers for each machine inspection
Cleans up to 600 plates per hour*
Automatic detergent & rinse aid injection
Will accept up to 30cm plates
Recirculating wash system
Double skinned door reducing heat and noise pollution
*Dependent on incoming water temperature and pressure*

Quick Guide

Loads/HourUp to 45*
Wash Pump372W
Rinse PumpMains pressure
Rinse AidYes
Time Cycle60 / 120 / 300 seconds
DrainPump Out
Water per rack2.5L
Usable Height300mm
Electrical Supply240v, 15amps, 50Hz
SizeW595 X D660 X H810 – 838


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