50-100-CB Norris CafeMaster AWC Underbench Commercial Dishwasher


The CafeMaster is a compact under bench dishwasher that will handle up to 30cm plates. Standard pump out drain makes it easy to install. With built-in detergent and rinse aid injectors. The CafeMaster will produce a sparkling wash time after time. Featuring three wash cycle options, the Cafemaster AWC can power through dirty dishes at the rate of 600 plates per hour, that’s fast enough to keep up with the needs of the majority of small to midsize restaurants and cafes during peak times and not keep your customers waiting. Ask about our 5 year warranty!

Norris Cafemaster AWC Spec Sheet

User Manual

How does your current dishwasher stack up? Is it straining to meet the high turnover of your restaurant, bar or cafe and failing to live up to your expectations? Finding the right dishwasher that meets your capacity, durability and reliability needs and able to stand the test of time at an affordable price might seem a daunting task; however, the Cafemaster AWC Under Bench Commercial dishwasher fits the bill nicely and we’re sure you will agree.

As with any dishwasher, it’s ability to perform well over time is essential, as no business wants to be left scrambling to hand-wash dishes at the last minute. The Cafemaster is quick loading, easy to use and features automatic detergent and rinse aid injection, rapid boiler recovery for a faster turnaround while cleaning your plates to perfection, time and time again.

Made in Australia and built to last, it features a durable, welded cabinet construction with a high-grade stainless steel exterior and double-skin doors designed, which reduces heat and lower noise pollution. Many agree that the last thing your business needs is a noisier kitchen.

The Cafemaster AWC has 3 wash cycle options, saving time and reducing the impact on the environment with its responsible use of water and the added bonus of lowering those power bills.

Rest assured of the benefits when placing your trust in a Norris dishwasher, as the innovative creators at Norris go one-step further by offering 2-year parts and labour and five-year control board warranty.

So if you’re tired of your dishwasher failing to meet expectations or you are ready to purchase your first commercial dishwasher, why not talk to one of the Norris representatives to help you find the right dishwasher for your business needs? Simply call the team at 1800 803 569.


Norris AWC Controller
5-Year Warranty on AWC Controller
2-Year parts & labour Warranty
60/120/300/Descale second cycle
Pump out drain as standard
Up to 600 plates per hour*
Automatic detergent & rinse aid injection
Will accept up to 30cm plates
Recirculating wash system
500mm x 500mm basket size
*Dependent on incoming water temperature and pressure*

Quick Guide

Loads/HourUp to 30*
Wash Pump372W
Rinse Pumpmains pressure
Rinse AidYes
Time Cycle60 / 120 / 300 / Descale
DrainPump out
Water per rack3L
Usable Height300mm
Electrical Supply240v, 15amps, 50Hz
SizeW595 X D660 X H810 – 838


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