98-500 Norris FI 700 Electromechanical Upright Commercial Dishwasher


NEW RELEASE: Norris FI 700

If you’re a Norris fan and already know & love our Aussie-made models, you might be wondering what’s new about this model and why you’ll love it?!

Firstly, it’s a return to Electromechanical control. This makes it simple to operate, easy to service or repair and provides quicker access to parts. This significantly reduces repair and down time for busy operators like you.

Secondly, it can be converted from 3 phase to single phase 20amp & 15amp, making it super-versatile across a broad range of commercial kitchen sites.

Then, there’s the stronger wash pump (a whopping extra 110W to the Norris BT600 & 700) and improved boiler element technology that delivers stronger, faster heating times. AND…it’s cheaper!

Read through the description below for more ‘whys’  and then call 1800 803 569 so we can put you in touch with your nearest distributor.

Norris FI 700 750 User Manual

For a busy kitchen, a dishwasher must be up to the task of delivering the wash result your team needs in an efficient, safe manner. It must be capable of handling vast volumes of dishware fast, while powering through stubborn stains with ease.

Operators in all types of commercial kitchens have learned that reliability of supply of service and spare parts, along with easy and safe operation, is essential to keep downtime to a minimum and WH&S optimal.

The FI 700 Electromechanical Upright Commercial Dishwasher from Norris has been designed to specifically address these issues, while delivering the same quality performance, durability and reliability we’ve been known for since 1954.

Ongoing unreliability in supply of electronics, coupled with the rising costs of control boards, has forced equipment pricing up across the industry. The introduction of an electromechanical range means prices can be kept down, making them more affordable for customers.

This machine provides easy operation, handy wash height and the versatility of 3 power options: Standard 3-phase power, 15amp or 20amp single phase conversion available. The FI 700 has been designed to be adaptable for all job sites!

Norris’s “Built-to-Last” philosophy is as strong as ever, future-proofing your kitchen by creating no-fuss cleaning with improved WH&S and low energy costs.


  • Warranty: 2 years parts and labour (5 years on the entire machine available – conditions apply)
  • Made tough in our factory in Caves Beach NSW
  • Robust 304 Stainless steel handmade cabinet
  • Heating boiler made from Type 316 stainless steel
  • Stainless steel wash and rinse arms
  • Large 304 Stainless Steel Filters / Scrap Trays
  • Electromechanically Controlled Operation
  • Connects to cold water
  • Powerful 880W German Wash Pump
  • Reliable European heating elements made from Incoloy®825, resistant to corrosion and cracking – elements last longer
  • Ergonomic pass-through dishwasher
  • Recirculating wash system
  • 90 second Cycle
  • Hood safety cut out switch
  • Rinse temperature controlled by thermostop function for sanitation compliance
  • Large useable wash height 450 mm
  • Drain pump for easy installation
  • No Stem pipe = safe, easy operation, improved WH&S
  • Easy servicing access
  • Three phase power connection (optional conversion to single phase 20amp or 15amp)

If you would like to start enjoying the benefits of a quality Norris dishwasher, why not give one of our representatives a call on 1800 803 569. We will gladly take the time to go through your options and help you select the right washer for your business.


90 second cycle
2 Year parts & labour Warranty
5 Year Warranty on entire machine available
(Terms and Conditions apply)
Robust 304 S/steel handmade cabinet
Heating boiler made from Type 316 S/steel
Useable wash height of 460mm
S/Steel wash & rinse arms
Connects to COLD water
No Stem pipe = improved WH&S

Quick Guide

Wash Pump880W
Rinse Temp88ºC
Element (wash)3,000W
Element (boiler)10,600W
Time Cycle90 seconds
DrainDrain pump
Water per rack2.5L
Usable Height450mm
Electrical Supply415v 3 phase 50Hz 20amps per phase
SizeW595 X D633 X H1515
See spec sheet for dimension ranges

Additional information

Weight90 kg
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