90-300 Norris AP and FI Series Steam Condenser Unit


The AP and FI Series condenser removes the need for costly hoods and return air systems and saves energy and water during use by using cold water to cool a condenser coil.

Norris AP and FI machines have been to designed to connect to cold water. Once the machine is up to temperature and operational, the condenser draws the steam out of the dishwasher and into the condenser. As the steam passes over the condenser coil, it cools and condenses, turns into water droplets and returns back to the dishwasher.

All that is left is cool, dry air. The condenser is built to the requirements of AS1668_2 and is a self contained unit that does not impact on existing ventilation or extraction systems. Designed for Norris FI 750, AP750 and AP2500

Norris Steam Condenser Spec Sheet

Our Aussie-made Norris steam condenser reduces condensation buildup in the kitchen while improving the safety and comfort of the working environment.

Eradicate slippage risk from condensation pools which form on kitchen floors due to water evaporation and condensation buildup on ceilings.

Water evaporation occurs in the last stage of the washing cycle due to the buildup of heat. At the completion of the cycle, steam is released when opening the dishwasher. In busy kitchens with poor ventilation, air can quickly fill with steam and, as the humidity increases, the comfort and work performance of kitchen staff is impacted.

The condenser system not only prevents condensation buildup on ceilings but works to reduce energy consumption by directing the heat source back to the machines cold water supply, significantly lowering running costs.

Norris has been manufacturing quality, commercial dishwashers and glass washers for over 60 years. Made here in Australia, our machines are loved by industry experts in restaurants, bars and cafes throughout the country. Our condenser unit has been specifically engineered to optimise the performance of the Australian-made Norris upright AP Series models (AP750 and AP2500). This unit is also suited to the recently-released FI 750 Electromechanical upright dishwasher.

Start enjoying the benefits of a Norris dishwasher today – why not call one of our sales professionals, who will be more than happy to guide you in finding the best machine for your business application. Take the first step by calling us on 1800 803 569.


Warranty – 1 year
Ergonomically designed
Includes 16mm pex hose & outlet
Suits sites with limited ventilation
Built to AS1668_2 requirements

Quick Technical Guide

Dimensions (mm)H699 W560 D180


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