25-400-EX-2 Madison IM20 Upright Commercial Dishwasher with Condenser


With European technology this commercial dishwashing machine has been designed for Australian conditions to be an extremely user-friendly and functional pass-through machine. Incorporating a number of technical features such as the smooth lifting hood, large pass-through door entry of 400mm, and a quick start option so when the hood closes this industrial dishwashing machine starts and keeps performing in the busiest of environments.

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All the features of the IM20, our condenser model reduces condensation buildup in the kitchen while improving the safety and comfort around your kitchen.

Eradicate slippage risk from condensation pools which form on kitchen floors due to water evaporation and condensation buildup on ceilings.

Water evaporation occurs in the last stage of the washing cycle due to the buildup of heat, at the completion of the cycle steam is released when opening the dishwasher. In busy kitchens with poor ventilation, air can quickly fill with steam, as the humidity increases the comfort and work performance of kitchen staff is impacted.

The condenser system not only prevents condensation buildup on ceilings but works to reduce energy consumption by directing the heat source back to the machines cold water supply, significantly lowering running costs.

By purchasing an IM20 upright pass-through dishwasher, you benefit from the tireless performance industry professionals have grown to expect from the Norris brand, something we build into every dishwasher we make.

Whether you run a busy restaurant, bar or crowded cafe, you will no doubt agree – nothing turns away a customer more quickly than poorly cleaned or watermarked dishes or cutlery.

By combining Norris know how with European technology, we created an upright dishwasher that is both feature rich and powerful, a workhorse capable of powering through 1,000 plates per hour, that’s as much as 40 wash loads!

Your dishes will emerge squeaky clean, odourless and sanitary, time after time, ready to set your next meal or table. Designed for Australian conditions the IM20 upright dishwasher is ergonomically designed and easy to clean. With a range of features that take the guesswork out of washing and speed up the wash process, such as automatic detergent injection, a sizeable pass-through door, smooth lifting hood and a simple-to-use quick start option.

Norris has been manufacturing quality, commercial dishwashers and glass washers for over 60 years. Made here in Australia, our machines are loved by industry experts in restaurants, bars and cafes throughout the country.

Our guarantee to you – an ironclad 3-year control board warranty and 1-year parts and labour warranty.

Start enjoying the benefits of a Norris dishwasher today, why not call one of our sales professionals who will be more than happy to guide you in finding the best machine for your business application. Take the first step by calling us on 1800 803 569.


Warranty – 3 years on the control board, 1 year parts and labour on the remainder of the machine
Steam Condeser
60/90/120/180/720 second cycles
Up to 1000 plates per hour*
Automatic detergent injection
Corner and In-line positioning
Easy cleaning
Ergonomically designed
*Dependent on incoming water temperature and pressure*

Quick Guide

Loads/Hour Up to 40*
Wash Pump 1100W
Rinse Pump 200W
Detergent Yes
Rinse Aid Yes
Time Cycle 60 / 90 /120 / 180 / 720
Drain Gravity – Drain Pump optional
Water per rack 2.7L
Usable Height 420mm
Electrical Supply 400v 3 phase 50Hz
Size H2215 x W632 x D745


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